Einen kleinen Moment bitte
Stadtführungen im Nollendorkiez in Berlin

Margot Schlönzke

Charm, Berlin snark with heart and never at a loss for an anecdote. The mother Beimer of travesty was born in Berlin and has known the neighborhood inside out for decades. Embark on a KiezTour where you will hear first-hand accounts from contemporary witnesses - many things are true, but some are fictional.

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Jurassica Parka

Strikingly tall, very slim and beautiful. The Sinnfluencer*in, part-time actress and presenter knows and shapes queer Berlin. She has a lot to tell and during a KiezTour with her, many a low cellar vault becomes a challenge. With her long legs, you'll certainly have to be quick to keep up.

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Jacky-Oh Weinhaus

Big mouth, badly shaved, but with a family pack of sex appeal. The Charlottenburg resident by choice is a part-time girl with Franconian roots, and it won't get boring with her anytime soon. With a sharp tongue, a good dose of self-irony and anecdotes about queer Berlin, this KiezTour will stay in your memory for a long time.

Anna Klatsche

Young, tousled and always up to date. The DJane and presenter lives in the middle of Schöneberg's Regenbogen-Kiez and therefore always has the latest information at hand. A KiezTour with her will always be a unique experience that you will remember for a long time.